Cups needn’t cost Earth

A NOOSA Junction cafe has jumped on board with a campaign to reduce Australia’s second biggest litter pollutant – coffee cups.

The Sweet Tempered Chocolateria has signed up for the BioPak “Cup of Cash” campaign that encourages consumers to purchase biodegradable coffee cups from selected cafes for the chance to win $1million.

Sweet Tempered Chocolateria owner Jo Wilson said she was more than happy to register for the campaign to help spread the message about the damage coffee cups can do to the environment.

“It’s all about awareness. People don’t realise that the double-walled cups can’t be recycled, whereas these ones can,” Jo said.

“And with coffee being such a consumer-driven product, it’s something that we should be recycling.”

Jo said it was very important to her the cafe used only environmentally friendly takeaway cups.

“We’ve been using the BioCups here since I took over (the business) in November,” Jo said.

“They aren’t the cheapest cups out there by any means, but since I came on board it was something I was very much for.”

Jo has also adopted other environmentally friendly initiatives in her cafe as she strongly believes in saving the environment.

“Here we’ve gone from some of our packaging that was plastic, we’ve changed that to paper-based,” Jo said.

“We’ve gone from plastic knives and forks to the bamboo ones.

“Little things like that that aren’t always the cheapest option, but they’re a good environmental option.

“I like the idea of being more environmentally sustainable.

“Being in small business, you can’t afford to be more expensive than anyone else, and cafes are a very competitive market, but the little bits and pieces that you can do can also have a bigger impact.”

Visit the website for more information about how you can enter the draw to win $1million.

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